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Don’t Bother Drafting Antonio Brown or Josh Gordon in 2020 Fantasy Football Drafts

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Several of the Fantasy Football World Championships drafts are in the books and there’s two somewhat surprising, if not down-right stupid, picks being made. Both Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon are getting scooped up despite both players being suspended. Gordon is suspended indefinitely and Brown is slotted to miss the first eight games of the 2020 season. Fantasy Football managers are apparently taking a page out of the Seahawks playbook by “keeping an eye” on the veteran receivers. Brown of course plays just one game for the Patriots in 2019 while Gordon played five games with Seattle and six with New England. Given the unknowns surrounding when or if Gordon’s indefinite suspension will be lifted and the fact Brown is still a free agent, it’s a complete waste of pick to draft either of these wide receivers for 2020. Sports Illustrated’s Ben Heisler and editor of SeahawkMaven Corbin Smith discuss why it doesn’t make much sense to draft either of these players while they are still suspended.

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