Double-Digit Wins in the Forecast for the Florida Gators

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After finishing with an 11-2 record and 6th in the final AP poll in 2019, there are high expectations for the Dan Mullen coached squad in 2020. Currently, the Gators have a projected win total of 10 Games with the odds leaning slightly on the over (-135). Florida gets the benefit of playing five of their first six games at home including SEC battles against LSU, South Carolina, and Kentucky. 

AllGators’ Zach Goodall and Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst breakdown the Gators projected win total for 2020 in the above video.

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Bill Enright: The Florida Gators had double-digit wins in 2019, will they do it again in 2020? That's what the oddsmakers are making gamblers bet on when it comes to Florida with an over-under projected win total of 10 games. Let's bring on Zach Goodall and Frank Taddeo. Zach, I'm going to start with you: last year, the gators, they were 11 - 2. Are they going to finish with a better record or at least above 10 wins in 2020?

Zach Goodall: I think it's safe to bet that they'll end up at least with 10 wins. I mean, they've got an easy schedule this year, probably one of the easier ones in the SEC. They only notable SEC West game being away this year at Ole Miss. But they'll still face three smaller schools as well in Eastern Washington, South Alabama and, I believe, New Mexico State. A Dan Mullen team still got a lot of senior talent. It's returning quarterback Kyle Trask. He's probably one of the best, if not the best SEC quarterbacks returning in 2020. So it's probably safe to go ahead and put the over on 10 wins on the season for Florida.

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Bill Enright: Frank, let's find out what you have to say about this bet because I know you typically like taking a lot of SEC teams.

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, I definitely do and this is one that I am 100 hundred percent in agreement here. I actually believe that the over 10 wins, which is moderately juiced right now over at Pointsbet to a $1.35. Even with that little bit of added juice, I think this is a strong wager as going down this schedule and trying to look and give a little bit of forecasting with them. Right now we see their two toughest games are going to be LSU as well as Georgia and all they're really going to have to do for bettors is to come away with a split there. I think that they easily land on 10 wins, even if they lost both those games. And I don't think they will. I think they're actually going to split. And that would land them upon with eleven wins. And for me, that's a winning wager. So for me, Bill, the players on the over and the over, pretty strong at over 10 wins, laying a little bit extra added juice.

Bill Enright: All right. This will certainly get Gator fans very happy as both of you think they're going to go over 10 wins and the bettors that take the bet and take your advice, they'll be winning some money if they get to 11 wins this year. Plenty more college football analysis when it comes to which teams will have a high over-under win total. You can check it out by going to