Some of golf's greatest moments have occurred at the Masters. Here are some of our greatest stories about those greatest moments.

By Tim Hackett
April 04, 2018

Since its inception in 1934, the Masters Tournament has produced some of golf's greatest moments. As we await the hotly-anticipated 85th edition of one of golf's marquee events, we present, in chronological order, some of Sports Illustrated's greatest stories from Augusta National

1964: Arnold Palmer wins his fourth

Arnold Palmer had gone years without a major victory. To many it seemed like his career was close to over. Instead, Palmer put up one of the best scores in the event's history to win his fourth Masters title in 1964, as Alfred Wright describes in "A Master to Top Them All." 

1986: Jack Nicklaus turns back the clock to win his sixth Masters

Jack Nicklaus hadn't won at Augusta since 1975. In fact, he hadn't won a major title anywhere since 1980. But when he turned back the clock with a legendary final round performance to win the green jacket in 1986, no one watching could resist cheering for what would become a historic victory, as Rick Reilly effusively recalls in "Day of Glory for a Golden Oldie."

1997: Tiger Woods announces his presence with 12-shot victory at age 21

Some performances are record-breaking. Some performances are barrier-cracking. Some performances are awe-inspiring. Some performances are career-defining. Tiger Woods' first Masters win in 1997 was all of them. In "Strokes of Genius," Rick Reilly chronicles the beginning of the legend of one of golf's greatest. 

2004: Phil finally wins his first major

For years, Phil Mickelson lurked just out of view of the ultimate limelight, enduring hardships on the course and off. Mickelson had been on the receiving end of many collapses, comebacks, heartbreakers and headshakers, but Alan Shupnick was there for Lefty's freshman Masters win in 2004, a win that came with a feeling that could be summed up in one word: "Amen."

2005: Tiger's chip-in leads to his fourth Masters

The 72nd Masters had a little bit of everything: Phil Mickelson drama, a playoff for the title, oh, and the No. 1 moment in our recent Masters countdown. But ultimately, as that legendary shot did, that event went Tiger Woods' way, cementing something you don't need a finely-tuned ear to deduce: Tiger Woods belongs on the shortlist of the greatest to ever tee it up, as Alan Shupnick recounts in "Perfect Pitch."

The action at the 85th Masters begins Thursday at 8:30 ET at Augusta National.

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