Turner's B/R Live, More Providers Offering Refunds to Customers Who Bought 'The Match'

Comcast is forgoing pay-per-view revenue after Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson's "The Match" was streamed for free on Bleacher Report.
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Turner Sports' B/R Live will offer a refund to pay-per-view customers who paid for "The Match" between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, according to ESPN.com.

"Prior to the start of the event, we experienced a technical issue with the B/R Live paywall that we tried to quickly resolve," Turner Sports said in an email to the Associated Press. "We decided to take down the paywall to ensure that fans who already purchased the event would not miss any action. This did not impact the live streaming of the competition and fans were treated to an event that was both engaging and memorable. Unfortunately, the pre-match technical issue did occur, and we will offer fans who purchased the event on B/R Live a refund."

Charter Spectrum, Cox Communications, Dish/Sling TV and AT&T, which streamed the match via DirecTV and U-Verse, also plan to offer refunds, per the Associated Press.

Comcast also reportedly issued a statement announcing it will issue refunds to its customers, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

"Comcast will proactively issue a $19.99 credit to any Xfinity TV customer who purchased 'The Match' pay-per-view event," Comcast said in its statement Saturday. "We hope Turner and Bleacher Report will do the same given that the event was made available by them for free on The Bleacher Report website."

The one-on-one exhibition was sold on a pay-per-view basis at a rate of $19.99 and offered for streaming across several platforms, including AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, and B/R Live.

However, many were able to access a free livestreaming of the event through Bleacher Report's official website. Per Rovell, Turner executives decided to give the match away for free becuase a purchase function prevented those who paid to watch were unable to stream. According toGolf Digest, Turner president David Levy confirmed the stream "could be accessed for free for a set period, not the whole day."

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Mickelson won Friday's showdown in a playoff following 22 holes. He collected the winner-take-all prize of $9 million.