Watch: Augusta Security Guard Accidentally Trips Tiger, He Still Makes Birdie

If you're a Tiger fan, this might raise your blood pressure to uncomfortable levels. 
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A security guard at Augusta National almost ended Tiger's career. I don't know how else to describe it. 

Woods had just played a miraculous approach shot to the par-4 14th hole when a well-meaning member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation tried to prevent patrons from getting too close. The problem was, he slipped on the wet ground and made contact with Tiger's ankle. He was lucky, it could have been so much worse—that's the exact type of interaction that leads to torn ACLs.

Given Tiger's injury history—the broken leg and torn ACL and umpteen back surgeries and the neck strain—this was a truly frightening moment. Luckily for Tiger, and for the security guard, he was unharmed.

Unharmed indeed: he birdied the hole to get to -5 and just two behind the leaders. 

"Accidents happen, we move on," Woods told ESPN after the incident. "Other than having four knee surgeries and four back surgeries I'm great."