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Morning Read Mailbag: Major Money, Playoff Time and Remembering Vin Scully

Readers chime in on broadcast voices including a beloved legend, and take issue with a few pieces from our own Alex Miceli.

Readers are encouraged to offer their thoughts on Morning Read stories or anything else from the world of golf. Email and include your name and hometown. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Shared Blame for FedEx Cup Malaise?

Hi John, Interesting read on your article about the PGA Tour playoffs (The FedEx Cup Is the PGA Tour's Turn in the Summer of Cash—Are You Excited?, Aug. 10). Wonder if their TV sponsor for these events, NBC, should take part in the blame. NBC’s coverage of PGA Tour events has somehow gotten worse over the years, with the most replaceable man on TV in Dan Hicks leading the charge. Nothing is more demeaning as a golf fan than Paul Azinger talking down to the audience, as the average fan at home can never truly understand what it’s like to be inside the ropes on Sunday, according to him.

NBC runs a ridiculous pre-game show while live golf is being played just about every weekend, and devotes minimal effort to displaying as much golf as possible. Heck, I’ve watched more DP World Tour than PGA Tour, not by my design.

I noticed next year’s playoff events will be covered by CBS. A huge win for Tour fans. Hope that continues to better the product and most importantly, gives the watching audience the respect they deserve.

Brett Hoffman
Englewood, New Jersey

The Bully In the Press Box

“Korda was unhappy and frustrated. We all get that, but we wanted to know more. Instead we learned something about Korda we didn’t expect, and it wasn’t positive.” ("Jessica Korda Had a Bad Day at the Women's Open, But Revealed More About Herself by Blowing Off Media After the Round," Aug. 5.)

No, Alex Miceli, we learned more about your self entitlement. Jessica Korda did not have an obligation to share her personal comments with you at that moment. I find it positive that she had the fortitude to stand up to a bully with a pen.

James Brock

Remembering Vin Scully

Great article, I couldn’t agree with you more re: Vin’s use of “dead air” ("Vin Scully, a Voice for All Sports, Also Blessed Golf With His Distinct Style," Aug. 4). The announcer booths these days are occupied by at least two and sometimes three “talking heads” and talk they do; the director hasn’t had to worry about dead air for at least a couple decades.

I was born in L.A. the year the Dodgers moved west, so I was fortunate to grow up with Vin Scully. He taught my Mom everything there was to know about the game. She was never far from a radio during Dodger games up until she died, even at games she attended. I now live in Texas and a friend I golf with who grew up here and is an Astros fan said he couldn’t understand why you would take a radio to a game you were watching live, I told him you would understand if you were listening to Vin Scully.

Hap Harrison
The Colony, Texas

More Money in the Women's British Open

One question: why in the world would you raise this question about a women's tournament and not a men's? ("AIG Women's Open Features a Record Purse, But Could That Money Have Been Used Elsewhere?", Aug. 3) It seems especially egregious given the enormous disparities between men's & women's purses.

In a word: ridiculous

David E. Bassett
Royal Oak, Michigan

You’re not serious! I don’t have enough space to even start! Growing the game … is happening all over the world. In Canada, The First Tee is being implemented throughout the entire country by 2023. Money? Salaries? Cutbacks? Use it elsewhere? Let’s start with the INSANE money thrown around in the NFL, NBA and MLB ... even soccer. Perhaps we start with every one of those players donating 10% of those kind of earnings to charity every year! Let’s be supportive of the women and allow them a decent athletes' wage.

E. Hildebrandt
Ontario, Canada

I just read Alex's piece this morning on the increased purse for the subject open and his thoughts around "using the money instead to grow the game." Ouch.

Methinks you are a bit tone deaf, Alex. Women have been arguing (not to mention suing) for more equitable purses to men in nearly all professional sports. To suggest that they "take one for the game" and forego the added purse is naive at best, disingenuous at worst.

I am sure it will trigger more than a few eye rolls. As to "growing the game," if you attend a junior golf event as I have in the past year, I think you will agree that the game, for now, is doing just fine, thank you very much.

C'mon, Alex. This was a shank.

Steve Maragakes
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Honest John Wood

What a great article on John Wood, the on-course analyst ("John Wood, Golf's Best On-Course TV Analyst, Has His Eyes Wide Open," Aug. 2). Just love listening to him call the shots, with his honest but straightforward approach. Just like Peter Kostis, which I still don’t understand what happened there. Not that the boys in the towers aren’t good, but being Mr. Nice Guy (Jim Nantz) all the time and very rarely taking a side gets a little tired. John Wood keep up the good work; god, please don’t lose him to the LIV league.

Wayne Smith
Georgetown, Texas