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PopStroke is Not Grandpa's Putt-Putt

Wes Abbott discusses the growing appeal of PopStroke, which follows in the footsteps of Topgolf and Drive Shack, but for miniature golf.
Course of Life


> The Travelers Championship was the tournament that seemed as if it would never end — and nearly ended this podcast … but not really. Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell recap the incredible eight-hole playoff and praise Harris English, who was Lauzon’s third winning pick of the season.

> Lauzon and Russell look ahead to the Rocket Mortgage Classic where Bryson DeChambeau is the reigning champion.

> In “Tuned In,” Lauzon’s 2021 wedding season rolls on, while Russell is devastated at not being able to swing away at Top Golf.

> This week's guest is Wes Abbott of PopStroke, an upscale mini-golf dream space with courses designed by Tiger Woods. Abbott discusses what led him to PopStroke, and takes the host on an audio tour of the facility.

> Lauzon lets Russell know just how bad the Yankees are after a trip to Fenway Park.

> #AlwaysEndWithFood: It's about home-cooked meals for Lauzon and mochi ice cream for Russell.

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