May 15, 2009

To the editors of,

As a veteran of over 30 years working in Major League Baseball and as a member of a front office staff that is extremely happy with the work environment, I'm compelled to enlighten you in regards to a poll that recently ran regarding the owner of the Kansas City Royals, Mr. David Glass.

In the three seasons that Dayton Moore has been the General Manager, Mr. Glass has provided payroll flexibility to sign Gil Meche (5 years, $55 million), Jose Guillen (3 years, $36 million) and trade for Coco Crisp and Mike Jacobs, knowing those acquisitions would raise the payroll dramatically, as well as sign Zack Greinke to a 4-year, $38 million contract over the winter PRIOR to his remarkable start this season. Had your "pollsters" done any research they would have found the following quote from Zack Greinke regarding Mr. Glass after agreeing to the contract extension this past January.

"It was just kind of nice to talk to him and see how into it he was, to where he knew everything going on," Greinke said. "He was really serious about signing players or keeping his own players. He's my kind of guy."

Among other criteria you used for the ranking are the people in the organization itself, of which there has been at least a 75 percent turnover of the executive and baseball staff in the last three years. We have expanded our presence in Latin America and our overall baseball operations staff, all thanks to the commitment made by ownership. We also spent more money in last year's June draft than any franchise, again because of a commitment by ownership.

Also in question are the amenities at the team's venue, and it's mind-boggling that a publication of your stature would not ask anybody who has traveled to Kansas City over the first month of the season about the $250 million renovation of Kauffman Stadium, of which $25 was committed by the Glass family. Our fans, our players, opposing players and media have all raved about the changes in the ballpark that was quite frankly ahead of its time when it originally opened in 1973.

One final point, your poll lists David Glass as the owner of the club and the club's record since 1993. Once again your researchers might be surprised to know that the Glass family didn't have full ownership of the organization until the 2000 season, thus 2009 is just his 10th year as the "owner" of the club. But then again, why should facts get in the way of the story?

Sincerely, Mike Swanson Vice President of Communications & Broadcasting Kansas City Royals

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