Giants claim Hoffman off waivers

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Milwaukee Brewers star closer Trevor Hoffman has been claimed on waivers by the San Francisco Giants, has learned, although it's unclear whether there's any chance the teams could make a trade for the all-time saves leader.

Teams routinely put all their players through waivers in August, and there's no indication the Brewers have great interest in trading Hoffman. Milwaukee is 12 games out of first place now, but still hasn't shown signs it's ready to dump players.

After a player is claimed, the teams have three days to work out a trade. Hoffman makes $6 million this year.

Hoffman, who's 1-1 with 27 saves and a 1.85 ERA, would boost any bullpen, though that hasn't been the Giants' area of need. reported the Giants also had won the claim on Gary Sheffield before Sheffield was pulled back by the Mets.