July 13, 2010

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died on July 13 at the age of 80. In his 37 years as owner, the Bronx Bombers won seven World Series championships and became one of the most celebrated franchises in professional sports. SI looks back at the life of "The Boss.

The Boss Will Be Remembered For Making the Yankees WinnersBy Alex Belth, July 13, 2010In his heyday George Steinbrenner was known as many things -- most notably, as a bad loser -- but there is no denying that he made the Yankees into a winner.

As Yankees Owner, Steinbrenner Was a Bridge to Baseball's FutureBy Dave Zirin, July 13, 2010Yankees owner George Steinbrenner was difficult to work for, but he also had a softer side.

George Steinbrenner: In His Own WordsCompiled by SI Staff, July 13, 2010

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Yankee R[x] Is Group TherapyBy William Johnston, February 12, 1973Unable to make a hit with baseball's most famous team, CBS sold it to a 15-man syndicate that now may neatly combine a fine Ruthian sentiment with an appreciation of depreciation.

Yankee ClipperBy Ron Fimrite, October 10, 1977No, not Joltin' Joe but George Steinbrenner, who has put the Yanks back in trim from head to hose. It hasn't been clear sailing; he's been buffeted by his manager, his players and the feds.

It's Fishing Season For Nolan RyanBy Larry Keith, November 19, 1979Using money as bait, George Steinbrenner and three other owners are out to hook baseball's strikeout king, now a free agent.

Top Banana At Tampa Bay By William Leggett, January 12, 1981George Steinbrenner now stars in a new showcase, but the scenario is familiar.

A Prince Comes Through For The BossBy William Nack, April 29, 1985To George Steinbrenner's joy, Eternal Prince won the Wood and became a favorite for the roses.

Yanked About By The BossBy E.M. Swift, April 11, 1988Bringing their feud to a head, George Steinbrenner sought to discredit, to humiliate and to unload Dave Winfield.

The Boss Strikes AgainBy Tim Kurkjian, June 18, 1990George Steinbrenner's Yanks sank, so he fired the manager, of course.

A Man On The SpotBy Jill Lieber, July 30, 1990Leaked testimony limned a dubious picture of Yankee boss George Steinbrenner.

The Empire Strikes OutBy Franz Lidz, May 27, 1991On the 30th anniversary of perhaps the greatest season of their long reign, the New York Yankees' once-proud dynasty has become a travesty.

Will The Boss Behave Himself?By Jill Lieber, March 1, 1993Since the beginning of the year. George Steinbrenner, principal owner of the New York Yankees, has been parading around his house in Tampa in a black terry-cloth robe with " 'The Boss Is Back'..." embroidered in white across the back.

The Madness of King GeorgeBy Rick Reilly, October 26, 1998I'm not from New York. I don't live in New York. It wouldn't bother me if much of New York was attacked by a sex-crazed giant sloth.

The Hottest Seat In SportsBy Franz Lidz, May 3, 1999No one says it's easy being George Steinbrenner's public relations man.

In New York, The Future Is Always NowBy Daniel Habib, November 3, 2003Nothing short of a championship satisfies the Boss, so expect rumblings in the Bronx.

Keeping Up With GeorgeBy Tom Verducci, December 22, 2003At the winter meetings the specter of irascible Yankees owner George Steinbrenner sent rival AL East teams on a spending spree.

Mister Softie?By Tom Verducci, May 10, 2004At 73, George Steinbrenner is saying lots of nice things and acting happier than ever. But nobody's relaxing in Yankeedom. The Boss still has more power than any other owner in sports, and he knows how to use it.

The Madness After King GeorgeBy Tom Verducci, October 29, 2007With the Boss no longer in power, the Yankees are scrambling to fill the void.

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