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De La Rosa unlikely to stay in Colorado

The Rockies and left-handed starter Jorge De La Rosa were so far apart in contract talks -- about three years apart -- it seems highly unlikely he'll stay in Colorado.

Colorado was planning to make a two-year offer for about $15 million but De La Rosa was said to be seeking a five-year deal. Dollars were never actually discussed because it was clear the sides were so far apart.

De La Rosa, 29, went 8-7 with a 4.22 ERA and is considered the third best lefthander on the market, behind superstar Cliff Lee and Andy Pettitte, who will only go to the Yankees or retire. So he enters the market with decent leverage.

Since he is a Type-A free agent, the Rockies would get two high draft choices if he left. But if he doesn't get close to what he seeks, Colorado isn't closing the door entirely.