By Tom Verducci
July 23, 2013
Former NL MVP Ryan Braun won't wear a Brewers uniform again until next season.
Alex Rodriguez faces an even longer ban than the 65 games Ryan Braun got.

A: You have to go back to the 2007 Mitchell Report, of which one of the recommendations was the establishment of a Department of Investigations. Drug testing isn't enough to deter the cheats, who will continue to work with chemists to devise work-arounds to the latest tests to stay one step ahead. The tests must be supplemented by people dedicated to enforcing the JDP. You now see the importance of such enforcement. A former MVP and the face of a franchise was thrown out of baseball for 65 games -- without a fight and without a positive test. And the players association was right there, cheering him out the door for doing the right thing.

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