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Watch: Starlin Castro forgets how many outs there are, to Dale Sveum's utter joy

Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro has developed a bit of a reputation for being less than attentive during baseball games. Take, for example, the time he was caught by ESPN's cameras during  a Sunday night game against St. Louis facing entirely the wrong direction as a pitch was being thrown. Or the time he failed to run after a groundball after diving at it, allowing two runs to score. Or the time he failed to turn a double play because he forgot how many outs there were, a move that Cubs manager Dale Sveum called "the last straw." Well, that comment came a year ago, so it clearly wasn't the last last straw. Saturday against the Cardinals, however, may finally be it for Castro and Sveum.

In the top of the fifth inning of the Cubs' matinee, with the bases loaded for St. Louis and one out, Castro caught a fly ball in shallow left field off the bat of Matt Carpenter. The infield fly rule was called, but Castro, apparently believing that he'd just made the third out, simply held onto the ball and didn't immediately throw it in. Jon Jay noticed, and the rest ... well, you can see for yourself.


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