By Lee Jenkins
October 15, 2013
Yasiel Puig broke out of his slump with a thrilling triple that anchored the Dodgers' Game 3 win.
John W. McDonough/SI

Puig, though, still dominated the postgame discourse: Is he pompous or passionate, hot dog or alpha dog? And does it even matter? Wainwright said he did not see Puig's response to the triple. He seemed more irritated by Adrian Gonzalez, who doubled before Puig, and gesticulated wildly to the Dodger dugout. "Mickey Mouse stuff," Wainwright called it. When his jab was relayed to Gonzalez, the normally mild-mannered first baseman cracked a grin. "Mickey Mouse is only an hour away," he said, with Puig giggling next to him like Goofy. "So it fits us."

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