Watch: Marlins pitcher Carter Capps hops when he delivers his pitches

Miami Marlins pitcher Carter Capps one-hopped his pitches on Monday night. In a manner of speaking. 
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Miami Marlins pitcher Carter Capps one-hopped his pitches on Monday night—in a manner of speaking. 

The pitcher's 2015 delivery involves a hopping motion that takes Capps off the rubber and toward the batter. Apparently, it's a legal move.

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It wasn't the hopping motion MLB had a problem with, according to It was Capps' supposed elevation as a result of said hop. 

From the pitcher himself:

"They just said they wanted me to make sure I dragged my foot and not get too elevated in the air, and make sure it's more on a lateral plane," Capps said. "As long as I do that, they have no problem with it. But it was very strange."

Capps has been described as a "different" sort of pitcher for years. His wide release point during the 2012 was notable for being approximately four feet behind righthanded batters. Now, Capps is literally jumping toward those batters as well.

- Will Green