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JAWS and the 2016 Hall of Fame ballot: Schedule for write-ups

Keep up to date with all of Jay Jaffe's JAWS profiles for the candidates on the 2016 Hall of Fame ballot with our handy schedule and landing page.

The BBWAA's 2016 Hall of Fame ballot contains 17 holdovers and 15 newcomers, with the former category including players who received at least 5.0% of the vote last year and haven't yet spent 10 years on the ballot (15 for the two grandfathered players, Lee Smith and Alan Trammell). Here at JAWS Central, I've always felt that every candidate deserves a review. Below you'll find the schedule for write-ups of each player, as well as links to the previously published pieces in this series; while subject to revision, my goal is to work through the entire field by Dec. 24, the date that ballots must be postmarked.

In addition to writing new articles on the seven best-credentialed first-year candidates, I will be cycling through each holdover candidate and updating their profiles as needed. While the outline of each player's career hasn't changed, his outlook may have because of recent voting results and the crowd on the ballot. The schedule that we have constructed goes around the diamond—through pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders—with the occasional minor adjustment to accommodate my other responsibilities at

A quick reminder: JAWS stands for Jaffe WAR Score system. It attempts to determine a player's Hall of Fame worthiness by comparing his career to those already enshrined at his position through his career Wins Above Replacement figure, the total of his best seven seasons as measured by WAR and the average of those two figures, the latter of which is that player's JAWS. I am currently working on The Cooperstown Casebook, to be published by Thomas Dunne Books in 2017.

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