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New York Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada has not spoken to Chase Utley since the Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman broke his leg on a late slide in the NLDS.

By SI Wire
February 16, 2016

New York Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada has not spoken to Chase Utley since the Los Angeles Dodgers' second baseman broke his leg on a late takeout slide in Game 2 of the National League Division Series, according to the New York Post.

According to Tejada, Utley sent him a gift after the incident—in which Utley fractured Tejada's right leg as he tried to break up a double play—but has not reached out to talk to him. Tejada is hoping for an apology from Utley when the two teams meet on May 27–29 for a three-game series at Citi Field.

“He sent me a couple of things," Tejada said. “But nothing has changed. I haven’t talked to him."

Tejada said that he was more upset about the slide, in which Utley came in high and late, because it was committed by another middle infielder.

“I would never do that to another infielder,” he said. “That is the position I play, and I would never want to hurt another player that plays that position like that. It would have been different if some other position player, a corner infielder or an outfielder had done that to me, but he is an middle infielder, he should know better."

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Utley was given a two-game suspension for the slide, a decision which he appealed. As of Oct. 19, MLB has postponed his appeal hearing indefinitely. Last week, ESPN's Buster Olney reported that the league and the players' union were working on a rule change regarding slides into second base.

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