Yomiuri Giants pitcher admits to betting on games

Yomiuri Giants pitcher Kyosuke Takagi has admitted to betting on games.
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Yomiuri Giants pitcher Kyosuke Takagi has admitted to betting on games, reports the Associated Press.

“I’ve betrayed all the people who supported me since I started playing baseball in elementary school,” Takagi said Wednesday in a news conference. “I’m very sorry for my actions.”

Takagi also owned up to lying during his team’s investigation into the gambling allegations. The scandal has caused three top executives within the Giants’ organization to resign, thus far, including former owner Tsuneo Watanabe.

In November, Giants pitchers Satoshi Fukuda, Shoki Kasahara and Ryuya Matsumoto were banned from baseball indefinitely after admitting to betting on the outcomes of games.

None of the accused pitchers were found to have participated in game-fixing or bet on games they played in.

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Gambling on sports is illegal in Japan.