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Colorado Mesa baseball coach apologizes for anti-gay remark

Colorado Mesa baseball coach Sean McKinney apologized for anti-gay comments he made in the clubhouse.
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Colorado Mesa College assistant coach Sean McKinney apologized Thursday for anti-gay comments he made to his team while in the presence of a gay player.

Last week, former Colorado Mesa player Tyler Dunninton wrote in an essay for Outsports he quit baseball after hearing numerous homophobic comments during his career, including a coach who bragged about how gay people were killed in Wyoming. An internal investigation by the school revealed McKinney was responsible for the quote.

“As the story spread and more stuff was revealed, it got really tough this week," McKinney told Outsports. “I'm forever in debt to the people in this university and my friends and family ... I hope [Tyler is] OK. I called him this morning to apologize. I want him to have a good life.”

Colorado Mesa told Outsports that McKinney will not be fired. The coach will now work with the school and LGBT groups to help address the issue on campus.

“I know the truth of who I am as a person, and with our culture, we need to continue to grow,” McKinney said. “I knew I had to make a change, and I want to be a part of that change, and I’m very thankful that lots of people here want to move in a positive direction.”