Report: Jose Fernandez, friends had strong alcohol odor after fatal crash

Jose Fernandez and his two companions had a strong odor of alcohol after the fatal crash off the coast of Miami.
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Former Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and his companions had a strong odor of alcohol after a fatal boat crash off the coast in South Beach, Miami last month, according to Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald.

Fernandez, 24, died on Sept. 25 when his boat crashed into the Government Cut north jetty before dawn. His friends, Emilio Jesus Macias and Eduardo Rivera, were also killed in the accident.

It is not known who was piloting the boat at the time of the accident.

Toxicology test results for the young men have not been released by investigators. The results of the autopsies are also not yet public.

Fernandez was at American Social Bar & Kitchen before the crash. A receipt for alcohol at the bar was found in the pocket of one of the men. Marlins outfielder Marcel Ozuna said that Fernandez invited him to join him on the boat that night but he declined.

Jose Fernandez's death hit hard for the Marlins, baseball and Cuban-Americans

It remains unclear if any charges could be brought in the case as boating homicide while intoxicated and vessel homicide are under investigation. The crash is also being investigated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.