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A well-known food vendor at Phillies games was fired for supporting white nationalism. 

By SI Wire
December 05, 2016

Emily Youcis, a vendor at Phillies games, has been fired by the team’s concessions provider for supporting white nationalism. 

Aramark, the Phillies’ concessions provider, told the Philadelphia Inquirer in a statement that Youcis was fired “after publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values.” 

Youcis was a well-known vendor at Citizens Bank Park, popular for singing loudly while hawking nuts. She became known as “Pistachio Girl.”

Youcis wrote on Twitter on Friday that she was fired “last Monday.” Since then she has tweeted about “saving the White Race” and how “Jews control the media and started Communism.”

During an in-game interview in September, Youcis wore a red hat with white lettering that said “Make the Phillies Great Again,” a play on president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, and repeated the phrase multiple times during the interview. Trump has been widely endorsed by white nationalists.

Youcis was involved in a tussle last month outside a conference of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist group. Youcis tried to interview protesters, asking questions like: “Do you hate white people?” A protester spray-painted Youcis' hair and a photographer was bloodied. Some protesters were taken into police custody.

The conference drew headlines after some attendees evoked Adolf Hitler's Third Reich with cries of “Hail Trump” and use of the Nazi salute.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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