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2017 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot results: Player-by-player breakdown

From the newest members of the Hall of Fame to those whose time on the ballot has come to an end, let's run down each candidate's final 2017 vote results and what lies in their future.

The 2017 Hall of Fame election results, announced on Wednesday evening, brought another bumper crop of honorees, with Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez all topping the necessary 75% to earn a bronze plaque. The trio runs the tally elected by the BBWAA over the past four election cycles to 12, the highest over any four cycles since 1936–39, the timespan between the inception of the Hall and its actual opening in Cooperstown.

Beyond the knowledge that the aforementioned trio will be inducted on Sunday, July 30, there's still a whole lot to chew on with regards to the results, starting with the two near-miss candidates, Trevor Hoffman and Vladimir Guerrero. With an eye toward electoral history and more recent trends, what follows here is my rundown of the fates of all 34 candidates on the ballot, some of which will figure into my updated five-year outlook for Monday.

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