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Over/under: Which MLB teams will beat or fall short of their 2017 expectations?

Rebuilding? Contending? Spring training is all about setting—and managing—expectations. And not every team is worth believing in.

As it turns out, Vegas knows what it is doing. Last year, more than half of major league teams—16 of them—finished within five wins of the predicted total the town's bookies made for them six months earlier. Just five outperformed (Cubs, Rangers) or underperformed (Diamondbacks, Rays, Twins) their projections by 10 wins or more.

Now, there's an old Yugoslavian saying—allegedly—that "nine gamblers could not feed a single rooster." But spring training is up and running, and sports books, as monitored by, have concurrently released this season's set of over/under win totals. You can't win half a baseball game (unless you are a 2002 All-Star), so you must choose a side. And we did, for all 30 teams. Our picks and rationales are below. Of course, you probably shouldn't act on any of them—particularly if you're an owner of peckish poultry.

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