MLB bold predictions: The Rockies will formalize their attachment to Carlos Gonzalez with a long-term deal, and the Reds will do the same with Bryan Price. 

April 02, 2017

I've lost count of the number of times I've proclaimed that the time was right for Colorado to deal Gonzalez, a three-time All-Star outfielder whose contract commitment (he's in the last year of a seven-year, $80 million deal) has long seemed out of step with the direction of the Rockies. Likewise for my semi-annual declarations that Price will be the next manager fired while the Reds work through another rough stretch; from afar at least, he's seemed to be over his head. At last I'm waving the white flag on both counts, because clearly, nobody can bear to part ways in either of these situations. Instead, I expect both teams to formalize their attachments to these individuals with long-term deals.

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