Watch MLB veterans evolve from their rookie selves with these GIFs

They were so young once!
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On Friday, we celebrated the NHL playoffs by taking a look at some animated GIFs showing the growth of hockey players' playoff beards. Today, with baseball season fully in swing (can you believe we're more than two weeks in?) we're pulling out some GIFs with a longer-term view.

The folks over at pulled together these animated GIFs, which compact decades into seconds. Baseball careers can last quite a while and, as these images show, players can change a lot in a career.

Just check out Jayon Werth's transformation from clean-shaven Blue Jay into a caveman in Washington for proof. Then again, there's Chase Utley, who in 15 years in the bigs hasn't aged a day. 

An album of their evolutions from wide-eyed rooks to grizzly veterans is below. 

MLB Rookies to Veterans

Can you believe Jayson Werth has a face under that beard?