Report: Alex Rodriguez unclear on whether he was invited to Derek Jeter jersey retirement

Alex Rodriguez remains unclear if he was even invited to the Derek Jeter jersey retirement ceremony.
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Former New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez did not say whether or not he invited to Derek Jeter's jersey retirement ceremony on Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, according to Mike Mazzeo of the New York Daily News.

Rodriguez was asked: "Did they ask you to come up or could you have come up?"

He replied: "It was Mother's Day. I was with my mother."

"It was Mother's Day. I watched the whole (ceremony). I put out a (social media) post," Rodriguez added, according to the Daily News. "I especially liked seeing (his parents) Dr. (Charles) Jeter and Mrs. (Dorothy) Jeter, (his sister) Sharlee. It was a great day for him, and very well-deserved."

Rodriguez was seen in Miami on Sunday morning celebrating Mother's Day with his mother. He was also spotted having dinner at Nobu in New York City with girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. His spokes man told the Daily News that "I don't know if he was invited."

So who's the face of every MLB franchise?

A representative for Rodriguez told the media that Rodriguez arrived in New York after 6 p.m. Jeter's retirement ceremony started just before 7 p.m.

Jeter and Rodriguez recently sat alongside each other in an awkward interview with MSNBC. They were teammates for 10 years in New York City and had a strained relationship at times.

Rodriguez passed along his congratulations to Jeter on social media and with a video.