Eric O’Flaherty on Jose Bautista’s taunting: ‘Surprised he’s ready to fight again after last year’

This was a great diss.
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Things got hot between the Blue Jays and Braves on Wednesday night.

Benches cleared two separate times—once after Toronto’s Kevin Pillar shouted something back to the mount in the seventh, and once in the eighth after a Jose Bautista batflip—which led to some juicy postgame comments from both sides. The line of the night came from Atlanta lefthander Eric O’Flaherty, who laughed and reminded us all that Joey Bats got his clock cleaned by Rougned Odor in a fight last year (as if we needed a reminder).

Now, for context, Bautista can be seen here disposing of his bat after homering off O’Flaherty and staring back at the hill.

This is what went down the first time the benches cleared:

The two sides will wrap up their series Thursday in a game which Bautista might want to tighten up his elbow guard for.