Adam Jones tells the story of what happened at Fenway Park in his own words.

By Jeremy Woo
May 19, 2017

In an essay and video for the Players’ Tribune, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones told the story of the recent instance of racist behavior from fans at Fenway Park.

Jones discusses his first encounter with racism in pro baseball and breaks down the scenario, directing it to his three-year-old son as a way to encapsulate the feelings.

Jones heard racial slurs and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him while playing the outfield at a game in Boston earlier this season.

"Well, it's 2017, and some people are still just stupid," he said. "I've heard plenty of stuff on a baseball field over the years. You expect trash talk from fans. Sometimes you even enjoy it.  But to be out there playing the game you love, and to hear somebody call you the N-word? To have peanuts thrown at you, like you're not even a human being? It's disgusting."

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