No. 8: '07—Evan Longoria; '17—Tim Lincecum

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The Original No. 8: Longoria (No. 7 BA, No. 10 BP)

As mentioned above, Longoria has enjoyed a career befitting the expectations that accompanied him to the majors and he hasn't slowed down. He’s riding a streak of four straight seasons with at least 160 games, he hit a career-high 36 homers last year and he will only continue adding to his legacy as the best player in Tampa Bay's brief history.

The New No. 8: Lincecum (No. 11 BA, No. 6 BP)

Unsigned as of this writing, and coming off a 9.16 ERA in 38 ⅓ innings with the Angels last year, Lincecum’s career is on the edge of oblivion. In truth, it’s been a slog since 2012; he’s been tagged for a 4.94 ERA (72 ERA+) with -4.3 WAR in that span, mitigated only by his October-surprise performance out of the bullpen that year that helped the Giants win another title. But he earns this spot based on the brilliance of the years that came before it.