Bryce Harper spent his Monday brawling, but his wife is already in a vacation state of mind.

By Jon Tayler
May 30, 2017

Nationals superstar Bryce Harper spent his Memorial Day causing a ruckus after getting plunked by Giants reliever Hunter Strickland during Washington's Monday afternoon meeting with San Francisco, and while the baseball world was entranced with two grown men throwing open-hand punches and scrapping like cousins who have been watching way too much Raw, at least one person wasn't having any of the silliness: Kayla Harper, Bryce's wife. As you can tell from her Instagram story from yesterday—as she prepared to fly off to parts unknown—she was already fully in vacation mode, her husband's fight be damned.

(Kayla is the one on the left, in case you don't follow the lives of MLB wives and girlfriends too closely.)

Safe and happy travels to Kayla, who not only gets to travel somewhere (likely) fun and exciting, but also gets to avoid all the days of hot-taking over Bryce's battle.

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