Four friends caught all four homers the Yankees hit against the Orioles

Their team lost, but this sounds like a good time. 
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The Orioles got blown out by the Yankees on Tuesday night but at least four O’s fans had a good time. 

Father-son duo Matt Holliday and Brett Gardner each smacked two homers in the game to carry New York to an 8–3 victory, and all four balls ended up in the hands of a group of friends. 

The Yankees hit 4 home runs on Tuesday; my friends and I caught all 4! from baseball

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“Caught” is maybe stretching the truth a bit. If you watch this video you can see the guy in the orange and white hat catch Holliday’s first dinger and the guy in the black shirt glove Gardner’s second, but Gardner’s leadoff shot and Holliday’s second of the night landed in empty seats, so they didn’t exactly “catch” the balls. Another Reddit user went back through the game tape and found the guy on the far left coming up with Gardner’s first. The video doesn’t show the shaggy-haired guy retrieving Holliday’s second but timmywade94 explained that the ball rolled down out of frame

In case you couldn’t tell already, these guys are real pros. They even came prepared with decoy balls to throw back on the field.