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Report: Fans heckled Mr. Met before middle finger incident

Mr. Met’s obscene gesture on Wednesday night was not unprovoked, one anonymous fan told the New York Post

“Mr. Met was being heckled all night from those fans, and security spoke to the fans about it after Mr. Met’s handler spoke up,” the fan, who claims to know the person wearing the suit that night, told the Post. “I do know that the fans were cursing at Mr. Met with the F-word and saying derogatory things about Mr. Met’s mom …. which led to the gesture because of a personal matter with his mom.”

Mets fan Tony De Lucia, who posted the video of the incident, has maintained that he did nothing to prompt the gesture. 

“Literally was with my friends and we didn't even say a word, just reaching over for a high five. Listen to the video,” De Lucia wrote on Twitter when posting the three-second clip.

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He reiterated as much in an interview with the Post.

“I did nothing to provoke it. I had my phone out to record getting a high-five,” De Lucia said. “My hand was by the tunnel to get a high five and he pulled his hand away, turned around, and did what he did. If it was directed towards other fans or others’ actions I am not sure, but I did not say or do anything to provoke Mr. Met, nor did I say or do anything before, during, or after the video to provoke him.”

The employee inside the suit has been removed from mascot duty, though they will keep their job with the organization. A different Mr. Met was on hand at Thursday’s game and did nothing to raise any eyebrows.