A Mets fan wearing a "Fire Terry Collins" shirt was kicked out of Citi Field twice.

By Chris Chavez
June 04, 2017

A New York Mets fan who wore a "Fire Terry Collins" t-shirt was kicked out of Citi Field twice last week, according to New York's PIX 11.

A Mets source told PIX11 News that Cameron Scher was dismissed from the stadium last Tuesday and Wednesday for being "inebriated" and "belligerent" while trying to sell his t-shirts inside Citi Field. Scher was also holding up a sign that called for Collins' job.

Scher responded saying, "My mother has breast cancer and I swear on her life that I have never taken a drink, never taken a drug and I only have one of these T-shirts, so how could I be selling them?"

He was ejected the same night that Mr. Met was captured on camera flipping off a fan.

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