Joe Kelly threw four pitches over 100 miles per hour at Aaron Judge.

By Chris Chavez
June 06, 2017

Boston Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly threw a 103.5 mile per hour fastball at New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge in Tuesday night's game at Yankee Stadium.

Kelly hit 101 and 100 miles per hour with the first two fastballs thrown at Judge. The first was fouled off before the second was called for a ball. After another foul ball and called ball, Kelly threw a 103.5 mile per hour fastball that the rookie fouled off.

Aaron Judge is the Yankees' powerful young rookie

The Red Sox reliever won the at-bat with a 92.6 mile per hour slider to strikeout Judge.

Kelly's 103 mph fastball is the fastest pitch of the 2017 season thus far.

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