Miggy appreciates the hustle. 

By Dan Gartland
June 07, 2017

Eight-year-old Griffin Majeski and his friend Caden Skelton ran a pretty good racket in Detroit on Wednesday night. 

The two boys wore their Mike Trout jerseys over by the Angels dugout and walked away with six balls, according to MLB.com’s Mark Pierce. They still had the Trout jerseys on when they returned to their seats by the Tigers’ on-deck circle, which didn’t sit too kindly with Miguel Cabrera. 

Griffin and Caden came prepared, though. After an extended back-and-forth with Cabrera, Griffin grabbed Caden’s Miggy jersey and slipped it on over the Trout one, much to Cabrera’s delight. 

But Griffin got more than just a smile from the hometown hero—he also got Cabrera’s bat.

I love these kids’ hustle. I hope they take this show on the road and start getting souvenirs from ballparks across the country.  

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