The American League and National League starting pitchers and lineups were announced for the All-Star Game.

By Chris Chavez
July 10, 2017

Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale and Washington Nationals star Max Scherzer will start the MLB All-Star Game for the American and National League teams respectively.

Sale is 11–4 on the year with a 2.75 ERA and 178 strikeouts. He is the first American League pitcher to start consecutive All-Star Games since Dave Steib in 1983-84. Last year, Sale was a member of the Chicago White Sox so he is the first pitcher to start two consecutive All-Star Games for different teams.

Scherzer is 10–5 with a 2.10 ERA and 173 strikeouts. Scherzer is just the fifth pitcher to start for both leagues.

The All-Star Game will be played on Tuesday night at Marlins Park in Miami.

The lineups for both teams were announced on Monday afternoon.

Here is the National League lineup

1. Charlie Blackmon (Rockies) CF

2. Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) DH

3. Bryce Harper (Nationals) RF

4. Buster Posey (Giants) C

5. Daniel Murphy (Nationals) 2B

6. Nolan Arenado (Rockies) 3B

​7. Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) 1B

8. Marcell Ozuna (Marlins) LF

9. Zach Cozart (Reds) SS

Here is the American League lineup

1. Jose Altuve (Astros) 2B

2. Jose Ramirez (Indians) 3B

3. Aaron Judge (Yankees) RF

4. George Springer (Astros) LF

5. Carlos Correa (Astros) SS

6. Justin Smoak (Blue Jays) 1B

7. Corey Dickerson (Rays) DH

8. Salvador Perez (Royals) C

9. Mookie Betts (Red Sox) CF

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