1939 New York Yankees

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Record: 106-45, .702; won World Series

These Bronx Bombers may have been even more fearsome than their '27 forebears. They outscored their opponents by 411 runs, a record that still stands, and they won the pennant by 17 games before routing the Reds in a four-game World Series sweep for their fourth consecutive title. Only the 1949 to '53 Yankees that won five in a row have topped that feat.

Even after losing Lou Gehrig, who was forced into retirement at the end of April due to the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, New York had little trouble running away with the American League pennant as the team won 12 in a row and 23 out of 25 from May 9 through June 4. The lineup was anchored by catcher Bill Dickey, centerfielder Joe DiMaggio and outfielders Charlie Keller and George Selkirk (pictured, left to right above), as well as second baseman Joe Gordon and third baseman Red Rolfe, each of whom either hit .300, drove in 100 runs or did both. Of that sextet, half of them—Dickey, DiMaggio and Gordon—wound up in the Hall of Fame, as did starting pitchers Red Ruffing and Lefty Gomez and manager Joe McCarthy.