This isn’t volleyball. 

By Dan Gartland
September 03, 2017

Things aren’t going well for the Tigers. They’re on pace for their worst season in at least 10 years. All of their good players were traded away. It’s grim. 

But there’s always room for things to get even worse. Just look at what happened to Mike Mahtook on Sunday afternoon. This ball hit by Jose Ramirez bounced twice off the top of the wall, caromed back into the field of play, only to have Mahtook swat it over the wall. 

Why didn’t he use his glove? I know the double bounce off the wall isn’t something you practice in spring training but shouldn’t his first instinct still to be to reach out for the ball with his glove? He would have had a much better chance of corralling the ball if he used his leather. 

Anyway, it doesn’t matter in the end. Even if Mahtook caught it, since the ball bounced on top of the wall, it would have been ruled a home run on replay. 

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