• Sometimes, September baseball can be bad. The A's-Angels game on Wednesday afternoon was something more than that.
By Gabriel Baumgaertner
September 06, 2017

It's hardly a surprise that the A's are involved in a forgettable Wednesday afternoon game in September. It's more problematic for the Angels, a team vying for the second AL Wild Card spot and trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 2014. Perhaps both teams were lagging from the early first pitch time, the football yard-markers drawn all over the outfield, or the generally horrific condition of the Oakland Coliseum. Whatever it was, the game produced one of the strangest ejections of the year, maybe the worst balk of all-time, and a very sad dropped fly ball that led to a crucial run.

Matt Chapman is known as one of the quietest members of the A's clubhouse, but found himself in this lame argument with Angels catcher Juan Graterol, whose last name sounds either like medication for high cholesterol or a substance to clean out your rain gutters. Somehow this produced an ejection and warnings for both benches.

Then, Angels starter Tyler Skaggs committed one of the saddest balks in recent history. Everybody makes mistakes, but this is an especially silly way to let a runner advance.

New acquisition Justin Upton did little to endear himself to whatever Angels fans were watching by muffing this fly ball. He should be forgiven for losing the ball in the sun, but the slow tilt back and complete surrender is a sad, if slightly humorous look.

And then A's fans danced to try and keep themselves entertained.

Though, Little Brother won his battle against Big Brother.

We will update you with any further lowlights as they come available.

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