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"Rock You Like A Hurricane" is maybe not the most appropriate song to play this weekend when facing a Florida team.

By Jon Tayler
September 08, 2017

As Hurricane Irma barrels its way toward the entire state of Florida, with the southeast portion of the state and Miami directly in its path, the Braves went and did a nice thing for displaced and evacuated residents, offering free tickets to this weekend's series in Atlanta against the Marlins for those affected by the storm. Then they did a not-so-nice thing during the opener on Thursday night.

The Scorpions' 1984 smash hit (from the delectably punny album Love at First Sting) is a staple at sporting events (particularly air shows), but—and this is just my opinion here—it probably shouldn't be playing at your sporting event if you're hosting a team from a city that's about to get hit by one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded while fans of that team who have been forced from their homes by the approach of said hurricane are sitting in your seats. Just seems like a breach of hospitality.

As it turns out, the Braves weren't intentionally being awful; the song is part of a regular in-game playlist and was played by accident.

Anyway, hopefully the Braves don't follow this up by blaring "Riders on the Storm" or "Rainy Days and Mondays" at Friday night's game.

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