28. Philadelphia Phillies (62-94, minus-107, LT: 30)

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Last time, I raved about Rhys Hoskins, who’d started his career hitting for more power than any other rookie in the history of baseball. We have to keep talking about him, because it hasn’t stopped.

After becoming the fastest rookie ever to reach 10, and then 15 home runs, Hoskins is now up to 18, in just 44 games. Dig a little deeper and you discover some remarkable stats that speak to Hoskins’ swing-for-the-moon approach, and results. He ranks second behind only human fireball J.D. Martinez in hard-hit rate and has pulled balls more often than all but six other NL hitters. Overall, he’s hitting .278/.409/.682, the best numbers for any hitter in all of baseball with as many times at bat.

And now my favorite Rhys Hoskins stat of all: his line against left-handed pitchers. Granting that you’ll only ever see this type of lunacy in a small sample size ... but this is still a gem:

Rhys Hoskins vs. LHP, 2017: 46 PA, 6 HR, 15 RBI, 14 BB, .184/.415/.658, .026 BABIP