A close play at the plate involving Willson Contreras, Charlie Culberson and a Dodgers challenge ended with a very angry Joe Maddon.

By Jeremy Woo
October 14, 2017

Cubs manager Joe Maddon was ejected in the seventh inning of Saturday’s NLCS Game 1 against the Dodgers after a controversial play at the plate led to the Dodgers scoring their fifth run of the game.

L.A. went up 5–2 after it was ruled that Cubs catcher Willson Contreras illegally blocked the plate to obstruct Dodgers shortstop Charlie Culberson from scoring. Contreras slid his left foot in front of the plate — before he received the ball, crucially — and although Culberson did not touch home, he was ruled safe because of Contreras’s positioning.

Although Culberson was initially ruled out, the Dodgers challenged the play successfully after a lengthy official review.

And Maddon, well, he was not pleased.

The Cubs lost 5–2. Game 2 of the series is Sunday.

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