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Former Cubs, Orioles and White Sox Fan Pat Sajak Rooting for the Dodgers in the World Series

Pat Sajak has nice things to say about all baseball teams.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak appears to be rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the current World Series against the Houston Astros but he does not seem like the man who likes to take sides.

If you saw Sajak at the World Series, you'd obviously try to get his thoughts on the game. Mark Berman of FOX 26 did just that and here's what Sajak had to say:

Berman: I assume you're not an Astros fan.

Sajak: I mean, it's hard not to have some part of you not root for them because it's been such a great year and such a great story but they are playing the Dodgers and I am wearing blue.

Berman: So you're clearly a Dodger fan?

Sajak: Yeah...I've lived out here since '77. I grew up in Chicago as a Cub fan. When they didn't make it in a 100 years, I said 'That's enough' and I've moved on.

As noted in this interview with Sports Illustrated in 2002, Sajak says he's a huge baseball fan but also roots for the Orioles and White Sox in addition to the Dodgers. 

"I'm politically correct if nothing else," he said. "I could throw the Angels in there as well."

Pat Sajak is a man of the people. Don't ever change, Pat.