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How Many World Series Have the Dodgers Won?

How many times have the Dodgers won the World Series?

The Dodgers have won the World Series six times in their franchise history.

The Dodgers first won the World Series as the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955, beating the Yankees in seven games.

The other five times they won the World Series the team was based in Los Angeles, with the victories coming in 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981 and 1988.

The team has played in the World Series 21 times, with two of the appearances coming as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, two coming as the Brooklyn Robins, seven as the Brooklyn Dodgers and 10 as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In 1890, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms tied the World Series with the Louisville Colonels 3-3-1.

In 1899 and 1900 the Brooklyn Superbas won the NL Pennant, but there was no World Series during those seasons.