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Kris Bryant Hits The Streets Of Austria To Test Local Baseball Knowledge, No One Recognizes Him

Kris Bryant hit the streets of Austria to interview locals and no one knew who he was.

Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant finally got a chance to go on his honeymoon after the 2017 MLB season concluded. Bryant and his wife, Jessica, went on a European excursion, which included a stop in Salzburg, Austria.

The city is the home to a professional soccer and ice hockey team. It was a candidate city to host the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics but lost to Vancouver and Sochi. That appears to be the extent of their sports knowledge so American football and baseball are likely not on their radar. Bryant hit the streets and tested the knowledge of locals on baseball, the Cubs and whether they recognized him at all.

No one batted an eye.

Next up, we want to see how popular Anthony Rizzo is in the streets of Italy. Someone make this happen.