Nate McLouth is from Michigan but he sounds EXACTLY like he’s from the Dominican Republic. 

By Luis Miguel Echegaray
March 08, 2018

Former MLB outfielder Nate McLouth is from Michigan and spent his entire career playing in the United States. But there’s a video making the rounds online today that’ll have you convinced he was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. 

In a 2012 interview with a Dominican reporter, McLouth speaks Spanish in an absolutely flawless Dominican accent.  

During the conversation, McLouth explains that he learned how to develop his accent with his teammates in the minor leagues. "I have many teachers," he says, sounding like he just came out of his apartment in Washington Heights. "Many Dominicans and Venezuelans." The best part, however, is when he realizes that the reporter—Semana Deportiva’s Felix DeJesus—is also Dominican and with a perfect dialect, as if he was buying un pansito con jamon and cafe con leche from his local bodega, McLouth says, "Tu eres Dominicano, también?" (You're also Dominican?) prompting everyone in the room to marvel at the fact that Nate is not a gringo, but straight up Dominican. 

God bless you, Nate. Sigue con todo. 

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