Which Active MLB Player Has the Most Hits?

All of these players have dominated baseball for years.
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Although Albert Pujols has 3,000 hits, he is not the active leader in hits. 

Before Ichiro Suzuki's move to the front office this week, he was the active leader in hits in the MLB with 3,089 in his career (not to mention the 1,278 hits he had in Japan). However, now that Suzuki is likely out of the sport, Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre is the active leader with 3,075.

Pujols currently sits at 3,000 and Miguel Cabrera (2,666) and Robinson Cano (2,408) round out the top five.

Jose Reyes (2,100), Nick Markakis (2,092), Victor Martinez (2,056), Adrian Gonzalez (2,027) and Joe Mauer (2,013) are next in line.