Sammy Sosa Almost Had Homecoming With Cubs in 2014

The Cubs tried to set up a homecoming with Sosa in 2014 if he apologized for his mistakes.
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Sammy Sosa was once the pride of the Cubs, as he blasted home runs and thrilled Chicago fans for years. But after his alleged PED use at the end of his 13 seasons with the franchise, Sosa and the Cubs have been at odds. In an interview with Sports Illustrated's Ben Reiter and Jason Buckland, Sosa addresses that he almost had a homecoming to Wrigley Field in 2014.

Representatives of the Cubs met with Sosa to discuss the possiblity, and Sosa agreed to apologize for wrongdoing but not necessarily make a confession. However, Sosa backed out the day after he made the agreement.

When asked about the incident, a spokesperson emailed Sosa's confirmation to SI.

"In an effort to put the past behind us I agreed to meet with a PR firm representing the Cubs. Everyone signed confidentiality agreements, so I do not bring this up in interviews. All I will say is that after meeting with this group, I agreed to make a statement that would heal things. Both sides agreed upon this statement. When the time came, I felt like I was being swept up in a PR machine that was moving way too fast and not adhering to the spirit of our agreement, so I pulled out. I never met with anyone from the Cubs and do not hold anything against them. I always wish them well."

Today, Sosa, 49, ackowledges that he was willing four years ago to find a way to make the Cubs happy so he could return to what he calls "my house."

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has previously said that he wants Sosa to admit his trangressions before he can return to Wrigley.

Sosa donned a Cubs uniform from 1992-2004. He hit over 60 homeruns in three of his 13 seasons, including 1998, where he and the Cardinals' Mark McGwire electrified baseball by passing Roger Maris's 37-year-old homerun record of 61.

Toward the end of his career with the Cubs, Sosa's relationship with the franchise went downhill. In a 2003 game against the Devil Rays, Sosa's bat broke and it was discovered that he was using a cork bat. And in the final game of the 2004 season, Sosa left the team before the game ended. He was traded that offseason.