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Major League Baseball announced a partnership Thursday with Latin American trainers aimed at combatting performance-enhancing drug use by amateur players.

MLB released a statement introducing the Trainer Partnership Program, where trainers will voluntarily enroll their players in the league's drug testing program.

"Under the new initiative, participating trainers will enroll their players in MLB's drug testing program, submit themselves and their employees to background checks, keep updated records of amateur players in their care, and comply with MLB rules regarding international player signings. MLB will provide further trainers with enhanced scouting opportunities and promote the use of partner trainers to players and their families. MLB also will work closely with partner trainers to jointly address issues in Latin American amateur baseball."

The pilot programs will begin in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. 46 trainers that "came highly recommended by MLB clubs" have already agreed to participate.

Drug testing for the program began this week. MLB will hold a showcase as part of the program on Sept. 18-20 in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, where clubs from the league are expected to attend.