Ron Guidry's 18 Strikeout Game Started The Tradition of Standing With Two Strikes

Ron Guidry said "It's got to be hell trying to hit off of me and then listening to that."
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A new SI documentary, 14 Back, exmaines the story of the historic 1978 pennant race between the Yankees and Red Sox. The film looks at the storied rivlary and features interviews with the players who lived it.

In looking at important moments from the 1978 season, the documentary describes the day at Yankee Stadium when New York pitcher Ron Guidry recorded 18 strikeouts.

On June 17, 1978, Guidry pitched a 4–0 shutout victory over the Angels. Perhaps more importantly though, the day is recongized as when the tradition of standing and cheering with two-strikes started.

14 Back: Red Sox-Yankees documentary

At some point during the game, fans were on their feet and clapping each time Guidry had two strikes on a batter. 

"As the game kept progressing, you know I'd noticed it," Guidry said. "And I'd go, 'Like oh man, it's got to be hell trying to hit off of me and then listening to that.' I really felt bad for the hitter."

Guidry went 25–3 that season wth a 1.74 ERA and 248 strikeouts. He finished with nine shutouts and 16 complete games, winning the AL Cy Young Award that season.

The film will be released on SI TV on Sept. 20.